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It comes at no surprise that the volume and typology of data sources is growing every single day. And, as busy consumers who are always on the go, we engage constantly with various technologies and devices, exposing ourselves to known and unknown brands, app environments and publishers alike.

It’s the cycle of the worldwide web; it’s the way we access premium, personalised content at the touch of a finger; it's the way our industry works.

The digital ecosystem effectively feeds the data ecosystem - that's a fact. Many different businesses who operate in varying fields, continuously invest the time in gathering and collecting a multitude of data to enhance their operations. But still, even in today’s climate, many agencies and brands don’t truly understand the value of driving this data in the right direction, in order to achieve a competitive advantage over their direct competition.

It will also come at no surprise that investments into smart data strategies aren’t small. And, it's no easy feat to achieve the ultimate data strategy; businesses not only have to invest in the right technology platforms for their business objectives, they need the relevant skill and human resource to truly tap into the value of the data.

But, the potential is huge. Businesses who optimise large volumes of consumer insight through their smart and sophisticated technologies will truly win with data - effectively communicating to the user in a much better, more relevant way than ever before – all the while whilst driving more revenue.

So, the question remains: Is anyone truly empowering their data to drive tangible ROI?

I think it's worthwhile taking a look at how marketers and publishers are taking advantage of the opportunities, don't you?

The marketers:

For me, a sure-fire way to start driving ROI is through a smart, data monetisation strategy. Particularly, from a marketers point-of-view, it is becoming crucial to help unlock incremental revenues. Smart monetisation strategies will help them understand how to reduce costs and avoid inefficient decisions - driving the focus for increasing revenue streams and value for their customer.

The publishers + in-app developers:

Over the next five-six years, internet users are expected to generate over 180 trillion gigabytes of data. This number is 10x more than what users produced in 2015! Websites, social media, gaming apps – publishers and app developers are continuously collecting important (and consented) information on consumers at every single touch point.

These insights hold huge value – both in terms of intelligence and money. And, this is why companies are continuously looking for high quality and relevant data; Data helps create innovative products, increases the targeting opportunities surrounding audiences and helps improve new products in the making. That’s just to name a few.

The data monetisation challenge: who wins?

Data monetisation - for both marketers and publishers - can be extremely valuable. But, through this omnipresent obsession with data, who is it that truly wins?

The answer? Publishers and in-app developers.

Why? Well the data collected from publishers and in-app developers is like gold dust for marketers.

Today, users spend over 80% of their mobile minutes within app environments. This means apps have direct access to an enormous amount of 1st party data that they don’t know what to do with.

This is where data monetisation gets interesting. It enables app developers and publishers to transfer their data to a buyer. (A buyer, essentially being a marketer, DSP, agency etc.) This data for the buyer is hugely powerful, and will greatly improve the user experience.

The next area to note, is that the data monetisation process works with Non-PII data (Personal Identifying Information). Note, Non-personally identifiable information is data that cannot be used on its own to trace, or identify a person – such as a cookie, or device ID etc. Non PII data is a great way to gain insight into your audience, whilst translating into revenue.

So, Mr Publisher and/or App Developer; is it time to start now?

I’ve listed six core reasons why you should consider data monetisation today.

1 | Scalable, new revenue streams

The revenue will be increasing on daily basis in parallel with your ads monetisation strategy. During every single day, apps and publishers acquire new users creating huge scale, resulting in more revenue.

2 | Using only the truest, core data sets

If you work with different providers, they will guarantee a solid offering for all of your users who have enabled access to their NonPII.

3 | Data Monetisation has no limits!

Don't get caught up in ad formats or type of application; as long as you have a good amount of daily active users and/or monthly active users – your revenues will grow.

4 | Flexible and nimble

You can approach data monetisation in a variety of ways: integrate custom SDK, onboard them through batch file, CSV, API, and more. Once completed with your choice of integration, you'll have more time to dedicate in other resources.

5 | The UX is not going to be impacted

All the data collection is taking place in the background, so the user's experience it will remain "untouchable".

6 | It's GDPR complaint

Whichever way you decide to approach your data monetisation strategy (SDK, or not) when working with us at SBDS you'll be assured that it will be always in a GDPR complaint environment. (Please do get in touch if you have any questions on this point.)

So, my final question is: What are you waiting for?

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