Customer engagement during a world crisis

A blog post by Co-founder and SVP Partnerships, Simon Theakston.

Many of us are facing unprecedented new challenges during the world pandemic, impacting our personal and professional lives. The martech industry is just one of many thousands adjusting to this new way of business.

From dealing with the immediate challenges, to managing our long-term goals, businesses are seeking advice in how best to take action and turn challenges into opportunities.

The immediate challenges.

Customers’ inboxes, streaming experiences and online behaviours the world over are currently being inundated with news and updates on Covid-19. And while it’s good practice for businesses to reassure their customers, it is crucial brands aren’t simply using the pandemic as an unscrupulous re-engagement opportunity.

Creating that 1:1 customer engagement is the holy grail of any data-smart marketing strategy, yet, why does this tend to get side-tracked when faced with immediate challenges?

The questions we need to ensure we are asking, are ‘what is the purpose of this communication?’, ‘who am I targeting?’ and ‘in what context?’. These questions sit at the heart of any smart data strategy and have become increasingly important during the crisis.

Companies that are able to do this well are standing out from the pack – short-lets giant Airbnb is a brilliant example, ensuring all their customers are kept up-to-date, able to access no-fuss refunds, whilst keeping them engaged for future openings.

Customer engagement post Covid-19

Data is not only there to allow you to understand your customers. It is able to provide your businesses with new insights which can be extracted out to enable creativity. Being in-tune with your audiences, will allow you to better provide them services and react to external changes. Another great example of this is Kew Gardens, who have created virtual tours of their open spaces, providing their subscribers with digital experiences that both drive customer engagement, but also offers some positivity during these somewhat clouded times.

Data – when unlocked correctly - becomes more than just another asset; it is both the intelligence to support your outbound communications, and the insight to help drive creativity. Applying data and technology to deliver the right message in the right context, to reach the right person in the right moment, is what every business should strive for.

Adaptation and being willing to change.

If business want to weather the economic storm and safeguard against future threats, I would advise having the willingness to make changes, being disposed to adapt and react with proficiency. It is more essential than ever that a client’s data is aligned and de-duplicated (rather than split across different silos) to ensure that accurate and relevant comms.

All of our clients come to Silverbullet, in the hope to seek guidance in building a smart, robust data strategy that underpins everything they do.

It doesn’t have to be daunting; and it’s better to make a start today, than be left treading water until we are back to some version of a new-normal.

Want to hear more? I am the special guest on Tealium's latest webinar, "Utilising Data and Technology During a World Pandemic", where I join Danny Moschke to discuss the immediate and future challenges faced by many today.

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