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Our team.

Silverbullet is a company of innovators. Hand-picked based on a specific set of skill-sets, the collective team offer a combined experience and expert knowledge like no other.

Meet the experts.

Ian James


Ian discovered co-founders Umberto and Simon back in 2016, and helped bring the company to life. With 20+ years digital marketing and data activation experience, Ian brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the business. Ex CEO of Starcom Media Vest, Acxiom and Verve, Ian's leadership carries the business from strength to strength.


Umberto Torrielli


Umberto co-founded SBDS in 2016 alongside Ian James & Simon Theakston. Having led varied technical and strategic teams throughout his career and most recently at Bluekai/Oracle, Umberto brings a unique technical view of the customer data and technology landscape.

Paul Thompson


Paul holds over 20 years’ experience throughout the digital marketing and data technology landscapes. An international leader and executive director of media, data and ad tech companies, Paul brings a demonstrable track record of building winning teams and establishing businesses from start-up to scale up.

Darren Poynton


Highly experienced ACA Finance Executive with extensive knowledge and understanding of the advertising, media and entertainment industries, both within the UK and globally. Darren has a proven record as a trusted member of a number of senior management teams across many different media sectors. 

Alex Rosen


Alex holds just shy of 20 years’ experience in digital marketing and advertising technology, starting his career in web development. His technical and statistical expertise positions him as a true expert in the build, management and roll-out of products and technology.

Aline Zenses

Managing Director, Northern Europe

Aline holds 15 years’ experience within the digital marketing and data technology landscapes, beginning her career at Google before heading off to Microsoft to head up their product team. Aline’s understanding and expertise of the DataTech marketplace is second to none, and her latest role saw her head up sales for the Oracle Marketing Cloud and their DMP, Bluekai.

Riccardo Brambilla

Managing Director, SE

Riccardo Brambilla joined the SBDS team to run Southern Europe. Ex Oracle and Microsoft, Riccardo brings unparalleled knowledge of the programmatic, data and analytics landscapes. With extensive knowledge of the BlueKai DMP, Riccardo is a qualified data activation expert. 

Tim Beard

Managing Director, APAC

Tim joined SBDS in 2018 to open its Australian office, and launch the APAC offering. With 20+ years experience in digital marketing, having founded his own companies, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to the global organisation. Tim brings intrinsic value to the strategy of SBDS and its future.

Simon Theakston

SVP Partnerships

Simon founded SBDS in 2016 alongside co-founder Umberto Torrielli. With 13+ years experience in programmatic, data and technology, Simon brings extensive knowledge and pre-sale expertise of the data and analytics marketplace. Ex Bluekai/Oracle, Simon is a qualified data activation expert.

Sandy Ghuman

SVP Data Strategy

Sandy holds 20 years’ experience within digital marketing and data technology, building her career across companies such as Yell, Experian and most recently Sky. Sandy is passionate about leveraging data and technology to customise consumer experiences and has the skills to drive digital capabilities with proficiency and skill.

Ben Chivers

SVP Global Delivery

Ben joined SBDS to lead its client services arm. With 10+ years experience within digital marketing and data activation, Ben brings extensive knowledge of the broadcasting and publisher network, having spent just shy of six years at FreeWheel. 

Oliver Low

SVP, Native

Oli holds over 10 years’ experience throughout advertising technology, beginning his career at  global giant Microsoft. Most recently, he launched leading native solution, Platform 360 into market. His unparalleled knowledge sees him drive the Native arm of SBDS Group

Matteo Gamma

VP Data Monetisation, Global

Matteo joined SBDS to lead the Canvas Data Monetisation product, bringing a wealth of knowledge across the mobile and data landscape. With 6+ years experience in mobile data and business development most recently at Ogury & AdColony, Matteo intimately understands publisher and in-app developer challenges.

Melina Gisler

VP Commercial Product + Partnerships

In a truly cross-functional role, Melina interfaces with the market, clients and internal teams in building business cases at the strategy phase, compiling requirements to feed into the engineering team through to pricing and go-to-market planning. Melina also manages the commercial relationships with SBDS Group’s technical partners.

Volker Ballueder

VP Partnerships

Volker brings over 10 years' experience in programmatic, data and technology, holding roles across client success and business development. Volker brings extensive knowledge of the large marketing and advertising clouds, bringing a wealth of expertise to SBDS Group.

Tim Beveridge

GM, Strategic Consulting, AU

Tim holds 20 years in digital marketing using technology, improving the lives of brands and their customers. Tim lead teams with vision, passion, and adventure, bringing a wealth of proficiency across data-driven marketing and analytics.

Emily Mitchell

Sales Director

Emily is responsible for building direct client relationships and business across the travel, entertainment and charity sector. Emily has worked in media for over 12 years, starting at Telegraph Media Group working with travel clients direct and agencies. Emily brings a wealth of digital marketing expertise.

Alex Jacobson

Director, Client strategy

Alex was one of the first hires of SBDS London, having spent time with the co-founders during his time at Oracle. With 10+ years experience within data activation and monetisation, Alex brings an acute understanding of DMPs, CDPs and DDPs, providing our clients with deep unparalleled insight.

Matt Sharp

Practice Director, Customer Growth

Matt brings over 20 years' experience throughout the martech and big data landscapes. Having deep data know how from various roles at the likes of Oracle, Honda and [24]7, Matt's understanding of brands digital transformation is second to none.

Robert Pratt

Head of Data Science

Robert brings 15 years' experience in data science and engineering. Passionate about bringing data driven decision making to operational and client focused activities. His skills include: performance optimisation, client insights, new revenue streams and internal efficiencies. 

Rupert Pay


Rupert brings over 20 years commercial experience across agencies (creative and media), mobile, data and ad-tech businesses. He has held various roles throughout the Australian market, as well as having experience across NZ, Asia-Pacific and the UK.

Joe Goss

Senior Utility Analyst

Joe holds over 10 years’ experience throughout data technology, specialising in analysis of business transformation. Joe’s most recent venture saw him join iotec Global, working as part of the data science team, supporting clients activate their data.

Andrea Ghibaudi

Manager, Consulting + Data Strategy

Andrea joined the Silverbullet team in 2018, to lead its data strategy and consulting arm. Having extensive knowledge of the programmatic landscape during his time within agencies such as Publicis, Andrea understand the needs and challenges faced by clients.

Matthias Fritz

Senior Strategic Consultant

Matthias holds over four years experience in the world of data, having previously served across a variety of verticals and well-known advertisers such as McDonalds, Volkswagen and The Walt Disney Company. Matthias has amassed experience with several key DataTech platforms, and brings both the Adform and Google stack knowledge. He joined the Silverbullet strategic services team in early 2020.

Dale Archer

Senior Partnerships Manager

Dale joined the Silverbullet London team in 2019, to lead its Adobe partnerships arm. Having extensive knowledge of the Adobe suite, Dale understands the value in building trusted relationships with (m)adtech vendors and partners on behalf of clients.

Nathan Oliver

Senior Performance Analyst

Nathan holds over four years’ experience in the advertising technology industry, with a strong understanding of data-driven marketing. A dedicated, approachable and reliable individual, Nathan has an eye for detail and a passion for analytics.  

Darren Mooney

Senior Data Engineer

Experienced data engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, Darren is a highly skilled in data analyst with deep understanding of machine learning and software development. Strong research professional.

Rollo Millership

Sales Manager, Native

Rollo has over 10 years' experience throughout the adtech and programmatic landscape, holding roles at global businesses such as Blis, Mindshare, and Bidstack. He joins Silverbullet to drive its native sales arm.

Muzzammil Chaudhry

Technical Account Manager

Muzzy holds over five years’ digital marketing and adtech experience, kick-starting his career at Rocketfuel. After a further year at Sizmek, Muzzy joined iotec as Campaign Operations Director, and brings his wealth of technical proficiency to the SBDS Group offering.

Leah Naipaul

Snr Strategic Services Manager

Leah joins the digital media advertising sector after spending 5 years as a practicing Attorney at Law before working in Project Management. Thereafter, she joined MediaMath, where she had the opportunity to develop deep vertical expertise in programmatic advertising, ranging from campaign management, planning, pre-sales and strategy.

Poppy Williams

Account Manager

Poppy holds four years’ experience throughout digital marketing, specialising in client success and providing the highest level of support from detailed delivery to analysis. Having a background in teaching and APA (applied behavioural analysis), Poppy brings an acute set of skills across education and analysis.

Antonio Drago

Manager, Implementations + Solutions

Antonio has an eye for detail and an understanding of insights. Joining SBDS in 2018, he brings 10+ years experience within data activation during his time at Neodata and GroupM.

Luca Volante

Sales Manager

Luca supported co-founders Umberto and Simon in the opening of SBDS's Italian office. With 10+ years experience within digital marketing, Luca brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, having held roles at Accenture, Dentsu Aegis and Starcom MediaVest Group.

Lisa Forrest

Sales Manager

Lisa holds 10 years experience across the advertising and technology landscape. Having help roles at the likes of IPC Media, LivingSocial and TripleLift, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge across all digital channels and activation methods. Lisa joined the Silverbullet team in 2019, supporting the growth of its Content Engagement arm as it roles out a future-proofed solution for businesses across the globe.

Unni Vannadil

Snr DMP Implementation Specialist

Unni is a smart cookie. Having spent valuable time as a DoubleClick Ad Operations Engineer with Google, and subsequently leading North American DMP implementation projects with Adobe, Unni brings a wealth of technical expertise to SBDS and its clients. 

Matteo Pezzotta

Senior Data Consultant

Matteo is fascinated by the digital world, and has an acute eye for detail. His growing experience within digital marketing and technology fuels his passion. Matteo brings unparalleled technical expertise to the SBDS global team.

Cordelia Bentley

Account Manager

Cordelia joins Silverbullet as Account Manager, as she continues to grow her experience across the advertising landscape. Having spent two years at Adludio managing the business development arm, Cordelia has gained a wealth of experience in client development and creative services.

Silvia Curti

Project Manager, Global

Silvia joined SBDS in 2018 to run its global projects from start to finish. Silvia's expertise lies within digital marketing and data analytics, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the organisation. With just shy of 6+ years experience, Silvia has worked for global brands such as Ogilvy, Accenture and DHL.

Fi Taylor

Group Director of Marketing

Fi joined SBDS in 2018 to launch its marketing and GTM strategy. With 10+ years in media, digital marketing and data, Fi brings a unique skillset to the organisation. Having launched two businesses in the UK - PubMatic and Verve - Fi understand how B2B marketing works within adtech.